Headlight’s innovative bidding platform gives drivers access to more opportunities to earn money - whether it’s local routes, backhauls, or cross-country runs. Find a job now to keep your fleet on the road. Shippers benefit from competitive bidding ensuring their routes are booked at the lowest possible price.


Shippers, you know the frustration: You can either call and email all day to try to secure the lowest price, or you can book quickly and know you’re overpaying. Drivers, you know the headache: back and forth negotiations and tracking down payments when you need to be on the road. No more. No more calling, no more emailing – post and bid on Headlight and get back to work.

How Headlight works

Rapid Bidding

In Headlight, drivers can manually bid on job postings or have Headlight automatically bid for them, saving time and headaches. Our pages update instantly to keep you updated on the progress of your job in real time.

Ease of use

Each driver recieves a unique bidding url via email which they can then use to bid on a job posting. No extra accounts to create or logins to remember. Just click and bid.

Find drivers fast

Once you’re set up with Headlight, the only limit on how fast your job can be booked is how quickly drivers respond. Build your contact list, post and bid on jobs, and get back all that time you used to spend on the phone.


Our team is constantly looking for ways to make your job easier. Want your Bill of Ladings to automatically turn into job postings? We can do that. Want your system to automatically create a purchase order for jobs? We can do that too. If you can dream it, we can build it. Click here for more information.

Start finding deliveries and drivers today

For Carriers & Brokers

We’re expanding and we’re looking for partners. If you’re not getting invited to bid on routes, we’re probably not in your trade area yet. Click below to get started and be the first in your market to win jobs on Headlight

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For Shippers

Wondering how to get started? If you’re ready to save money and eliminate a big headache in your work, click below and we’ll work with you to get started.

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